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Squamous Cell Oral Cancer with Cervical Metastases and Cyclin D1 Expression

Ores Frenzi

The most important prognostic factor for oral carcinomas is cervical metastasis. Cervical metastasis is influenced by clinical and histological variables, but recent years have seen a significant increase in the study of molecular factors.

Aim: This study's objective is to examine the Cyclin D1's potential role as a risk factor for cervical metastases.

Materials and Methods: In 45 oral cancer patients who were being treated by the author of this research, Cyclin D1 expression was assessed, and a relationship between such a substance and metastasis was discovered. The stereological approach was used to confirm the existence of cytokine D1. Analysis and correlation of metastasisrelated clinical and histological traits has been done.

Result: Although Cyclin D1 expression was observed in 15 patients, it wasn't linked to any clinical or histological characteristics that indicated the presence of metastases. Such a finding suggests that Cyclin D1 is a separate protein. Clinical staging and vascular embolisation have been the most significant prognostic factors in relation to the development of metastases.

Conclusion: Despite being independent, Cyclin D1 is not linked to cervical metastases; nevertheless, staging and vascular embolisation.